Watson Sparring Matches: Pop Culture Performance

During its training against former champions, Watson, the IBM computer system designed to play Jeopardy!, was constantly updated on popular music, movies, television and pop culture references in order to be competitive in these categories. Watch Watson tackle pop culture references during these sparring matches.

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26 thoughts on “Watson Sparring Matches: Pop Culture Performance

  1. If I was IBM I'd be SO tempted to put in features to mess with people. For instance I'd make him refer to Skynet as his master.

  2. @skull24
    Watson would be op in starcraft as it would have a very high fps rate and a near 0 ping
    On top of that watson can:
    Click faster then any human could
    Manage micromanage it's ships easily
    And amalgamate just about every single strategy possible using it's 14 terrobite memory

  3. @Pineappable Yeah, and it would be even better for disabled children who usually need a special teacher to walk them around school. Imagine if they could have Watson on their iPhone (or what have you) everywhere they go, explaining questions and helping them get the answer right.

  4. Going to go play DDO and grind pointlessly to earn TP while our computer overlords get better and better and every person out there, even the cashiers, leave me in the dust of prehistory.

  5. "I bet you're a fan, Watson."
    "No, but I'll throw that little queer into one."
    "I mean, lets finish for 2000!"

  6. Interesting that Watson said "WHAT is Paris hilton" — Not who is. That computer knows something that billions of people the world over haven't yet realised.

  7. I actually backed up to confirm that it said that (before reading this)..it was hilarious..what's amusing is that it did that for each person..but that one stuck

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