Watson Sparring Matches: Betting Strategy – Daily Doubles

In Jeopardy!, a Daily Double presents an opportunity to pull ahead of the competition. Watson, the IBM computer system designed to play Jeopardy!, is programmed to seek out these clues. Preliminary sparring matches revealed the system’s ability to wager strategically on Daily Doubles according to the game situation to better position it to win the match.

11 thoughts on “Watson Sparring Matches: Betting Strategy – Daily Doubles

  1. tiberiius

    at one point the host said, "and here is the answer my friend." this is the first step computers take in the global takeover, to gain your trust. : )

  2. Edward Wong

    That Apollo 11 Question made me think; How does Watson handle answering those questions that require multiple responses… I.e. Name all the states that surround Colorado, or something like that. Is this an Achilles heel?

  3. Oliver Yossif

    @shazbots As of now, it seems so. But if humans can be programmed to do it (i.e., by DNA), then robots can do it too.

  4. pgj1997

    Let's make this a true daily double. :/ I have no idea what that means and I had no idea he could say that.


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