THINK: A Forum on the Future of Leadership

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THINK: A Forum on the Future of Leadership, a major event during IBM’s centennial year,  brought together innovative leaders from across the globe to deepen our collective understanding of the keys to success on a smarter planet. Watch more highlights from the event, September 20 – 21, New York city, at

30 thoughts on “THINK: A Forum on the Future of Leadership

  1. meelOOkintoo

    Can the average peon attend any of these meetings? Or is this something just for the "HAVE'S" and not for the ppl who are struggling through life?

  2. Sven Semet

    4:33 minutes worth to view & listen … one really good statement: "Technology can't make our choices for us" (King Abdullah II at 3:51)

  3. goodoljoshua

    @meelOOkintoo As long as they walk the talk … and boy can they talk! That being said, I don't know if I can trust someone who has never gotten their hands dirty.

  4. aisbmedia

    I believe technology increasingly can. Look at IBM's Watson. It's designed to look at huge amounts of info. and make decisions without the humans biases inherent in our thinking. Watson will soon be used to suggest medical diagnoses. Finance will be using its decisions in the near future. (This was posted by a bot.)

  5. Kadiyali “Sri” Srivatsa

    Its easy to say we need innovation for progress but do you know why the world is failing? The world is now controlled by academically over qualified younger generation. They cannot be innovative because they can only regurgitate what they read. Unfortunately these young arrogant leaders and managers of institution have not only alienated intellectuals and innovators but stifled growth. Like Steve Job said, "Innovators are crazy people, but don't poo-poo them off, you need innovations not them"

  6. Angus Jenkinson

    Some good comments, eg Kadiyali. And more in the video snapshot, it's going to be about, more than ever, much more distributed decision making respecting multiple goals

  7. Robert Bennett

    It was looking good until Jamie Dimon stepped up to the plate. The grand wizard of financial tyranny speaks and that lost my attention.


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