THINK: A film about making the world work better

Four distinct stories of progress show how a challenge once considered unsolvable was addressed: Sending a man to the moon, sequencing the rice genome, making medicine personal and reducing traffic congestion. Across the diversity of these examples, the film reveals how progress was made possible by a combination of people and technology, and by taking a distinct approach to making the world work better — seeing, mapping, understanding, believing and acting. Today, this very approach can be used to tackle challenges large and small. This film was originally presented in an immersive experience on forty 85″ screens in the IBM THINK Exhibit located at Lincoln Center in New York, NY from September 23 through October 23rd, 2011.

23 thoughts on “THINK: A film about making the world work better

  1. Ernest Xiang (Jialiang)

    No genetically manipulated food? Don't you know how many lives the GMF crop from china saved! You guys from developed countries, please don't forget so many people around the world are still starving…

  2. Ruggero Cimatti

    Since the beginning of Agriculture all crops have been genetically modifie.
    GM crops are the future. And the spedd with wich they are spreding is the proof of their validity.
    After twelve years of growing GM no ill effect on humans has been demonstrated.

  3. rivenwizz

    Things I'd love to be solved:

    1. Stop world poverty
    2. Stop war
    3. Stop greed – by that I mean stomping on the poor to better the lives of a few (linked to 1)

    Now if we managed those 3 the world would be a better place. Until then we'll continue to consume the non-finite resources on Earth, and when we run out of stuff we'll start digging on the moon, Mars, etc…

  4. neilamadhava

    Weird watching this to think IBM originally got it's start up money from creating the databases for the Nazis to systematically create a genocide to wipe out the Jews… 

  5. Patrick Bassut

    Excellent video. Although some people are using their think to blow up bombs new ways of doing harm. Well, I guess we should all do our part and the math won't lie: the world will get better.

  6. Simone Debovoar

    Priority number 1 in my opinion : that Heath and education to be accessible to everybody, technologies and transports are secondary.

  7. Shalys Petty

    Hmmm, not quite sure what to make of this! Sounds well intended but there's a few blatant phrases there. Idk if it's just me seeing things where they're not probably due to all I write about censorship and what's going on behind the curtain with the great and powerful O distracting us. I want to be rational but we're through the looking glass already and I have to take into consideration that IBM is elite and desired.


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