The Rise Of IBM iSeries Servers

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In June 1988, IBM introduced their new servers or properly called as IBM Application System/400. This is a family of user friendly computers which are designed for sole enterprises and intermediate companies. IBM and its partners launched the biggest and simultaneous announcement of application systems in computer history.

The package includes six models of processors that offer 24 fold growth rate in the main memory, 10 fold range for performance and 48 fold range of storage capacity as compared to hourly commercial transactions. They had become the widely used and most popular midrange family of computers in the industry.

As early as 1989, one year after the IBM iSeries servers are introduced, IBM has decided to create B70. It is the newer and high end model from the same series of servers. It features faster memories and processors. It also has the ability of expanding the hard disk storage.

Moreover, the number of communication lines and local workstations that can be attached is increased. The entire server is enhanced with software and hardware products that are way better than the other entry level models. Operating systems have been improved, memory has expanded and there are numerous applications installed that can be useful to small establishments and departments of bigger companies.

As the years passed by, they continued to find ways in improving and developing these new special servers. Expansion of every computer element is their great priority in order to produce better models for the companies and even for families who use computers in their everyday life.

By the year 2000, IBM made a generation of new servers that features broad support with high reliability of standards for developing new applications which the business world demands. It then became known as the integrated server for the mid market companies which uses local connection between their employees and management.

World Access, a popular provider of telecommunications purchased the largest system to process telephone billings for over 100 million transactions a day. So far, until now, there are no valid complaints from the customers of big companies. According to them, servers had great impact on how their companies became more productive and accessible.

The servers became more popular nowadays for doing the work of companies and making their files secured. It made easier for the computers to connect locally or through the internet. IBM products helped mid sized businesses to link and expand in the global electronic market places.

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