The IBM Cloud: Spotlight on Dark Data


80% of data is “dark data” meaning it’s invisible and not easily usable to businesses. With IBM Watson in the IBM Cloud, businesses can see dark data and put it to work. Businesses can get more out of their data because that’s what the IBM Cloud was built for. Learn more at:

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  1. Not sure what this commercial is getting at. It wants to use your data or something?? Don't think thats the greatest idea. I'm pretty everyones data is sold to advertisers anyway.

  2. "The IBM Cloud: Spotlight on Dark Data" WHOA!!! Dark data??? I did not know IBM was Satanic. Forgive Creator God and Father and redeem me

  3. "…that’s what the IBM Cloud was built for. " WOW! do you need your tech writers back. Never end a sentence with a preposition. Should say, "…that's why the IBM Cloud was built." Sign me: Retired IBM Technical Writer

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