TED: Cognitive Computing

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Can computers think like humans and help diagnose problems? Eric Brown of IBM Research discusses the new intelligence that is going to take healthcare into smarter directions.

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12 thoughts on “TED: Cognitive Computing

  1. George Conklin

    Having wiki'd Ockham's razor I don't think science is "being limited to only the simplest logic". Ockham's razor is a helper along a path of reasoning, not a provider of an end all, be all answer.

    Thanks for making me think, it was fun.

  2. Jeff Mills

    I wonder how Watson prioritizes text sources, such as dictionaries arduously assembled by human beings (like WordNet), and from where else an NLP bot like Watson might find classification and knowledgebase-friendly definitions, such as encyclopedias or even blog content. It seems like every little NLP experiment out there today uses Wordnet… I'd hate to have to assemble a dictionary or even trust the average of published dictionaries.

  3. marshalcraft

    nonsensical bs. ai won't come to be it seems unless i do it. But i have to do it for free? I could do it. I want to do it. but you will just steal it. make more then you need while I struggle to survive. While I let my dreams go. I feel I do all the work. Why not just for once you try to do something too.

  4. John Greystoke

    Sounds like a perfect tool for social engineering. Insert some banksters maniacal laugh here. Something that can monitor and influence the whole heard of slaves worldwide Erh! I mean citizens in the best way possible. But if you have nothing of value, Erh! I mean nothing to hide, then you should have nothing to fear. Just think of it like a friendly Kit from the tv show Knight rider. And remember, everything is awesome, so don't forget taco Tuesday, and Obeyallrulesoryouwillbekilled. hail Hydra!.

  5. John Greystoke

    The reality is that one culture chose the path of exploitation as a fundamental cornerstone in building civilization long ago. So essentially if it is convenient to use Watson type technology to exploit the most valuable commodity in existence. Then you can rest assured that rich evil people will do it, have a plan to do it, or have already done it.


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