Smell: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM

In 5 years, computers will have a sense of smell. We will see vast advances where sensors will be equipped to smell potential diseases that feed back into a cognitive system to tell us if they suspect a possible health issue. Your phone will detect if you’re coming down with a cold or illness before you do.

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40 thoughts on “Smell: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM

  1. Innovation In order to keep the world safer, Imagine a cognitive phone that's able to tell if your intoxicated and call a cab for you, take it to the next steps alerts authority's that your about to drives your car from previous syncs from blue tooth or other devices, keep it going by synching with onstar to not let you start your car!

  2. i can see future kids being so spoiled that if the smell something bad in real life, they will scream "can someone volume down this bad smell?! comeon people!!" >.<

  3. In 5 years we will have the Matrix. We will need a 24/7 internet connection and will have to check in every 24 hours. Our memories will be stored in the cloud, our heart palpitations will be shared in the cloud and help prevent heart attacks. What the h…

  4. I'm mostly Anausmaic so the prospect of my phone being able to smell for me is very attractive to me to say the least. If anything when people ask "can you smell that" I'll be able to say "no, but I have an app for that!"

  5. While the health stuff is cool, this would make smells accessible to anosmics! Awesome! (I can't smell it, but I know it's there and I didn't have to ask anyone to sniff it for me!)

  6. será muito interessante sentir o cheiro amoroso da pessoa amada, através de vibrações  atômicas emitidas pelos aparelhos celulares.

  7. 5 years that will last 20 years. XD. lol. The smell sense is complex. For a computer can do what our dogs can do no way, nanotechnology is needed.

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