Smarter Marketing: Who Controls A Brand?

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At the IBM CMO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York, a group of CMOs, CIOs, and IBM experts discussed how much control customers have over brands. To learn more about Smarter Marketing, visit

2 thoughts on “Smarter Marketing: Who Controls A Brand?

  1. YouParent

    Why are all of these videos cutting off the heads of their subjects in the frame. The border is cool but zoom out on the frame first so that we don't get distracted by 3/4 of a head…the videos are awesome but that is really distracting..

  2. Paul Coman

    The customers can influence the brand, they can have an effect on the brand, but ultimately the company controls it.

    What does the brand stand for? What should we focus on, in terms of feelings we want associated with our brand? The company also engineers the customers experience.

    So overall I believe that the company has much more power to control the brand then the client does. But I agree with the transparency idea…


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