Smarter Marketing: Meet your customer

Marketers can now use data to shape everything from how brands interact with customers to the products and services they offer to the structure and culture of the company itself. By radically rethinking their profession, marketers today are able to understand customers as individuals, use predictive tools to get ahead of demand and design truly social businesses. Meet the challenges of the new marketing landscape. Learn more at

8 Replies to “Smarter Marketing: Meet your customer”

  1. XD Now i know what I will write in my resume: "Chief executive consumer"
    It just sounds too awesome!

  2. Hate to point this out but this is common sense. Every successful sales person makes an effort (or should) to get to know as much about their customers as possible. How else will you know what makes them tick? Seems to me, marketing is attempting to re-market itself.

  3. Anyone know who made this video? I mean the director/editing team. It's pretty well made and if they have other stuff I'd like to see it.

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