Sharing Science: Explaining a Nanomedicine Breakthrough

Scientists from IBM Almaden Research Center show you how they developed MRSA-killing Ninja Polymers in the lab, and what the future holds for these nanoparticles. Meanwhile, artists show you how they brought these Ninjas and superbugs to life in an animated film. Learn more about Ninja Polymers and IBM Research at

IBM Research Scientists
Jim Hedrick, Research Staff Member
Bob Allen, Sr. Manager, Chemistry & Advanced Materials Research
Amanda Engler, Post Doctoral Researcher
Daniel Coady, Research Staff Member

Nico Casavecchia, Director

9 thoughts on “Sharing Science: Explaining a Nanomedicine Breakthrough

  1. texture6

    Interesting MSRA change, to resist anti-bodies, meaning they are aware of the anti-bodies and alter their structure but their code remains the same, yet the body is unaware of the change? MRSA must have a super code the NSA can only dream :)

  2. Crud O'Matic

    I LOVE how the religious right, when MRSA was discovered, tried YET AGAIN with the "gay plague" angle… not even realizing that this IS STAPH – NOTHING TO DO with sex… and NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY PEOPLE…

    Anything for a narrative, right? RIGHT?!

  3. Wussup[N]eighbor

    Every priority technology has both civilian and military sides. Where is awesomeness so there we should predict som background. All special research having military goal at first. Then civilian needs. Lots of questions. Lots of. But as always. Thanks for the research.

  4. Debra McCarrell

    What about diabetes and casual transferal? Is there any reason to take precautions? Would this heal the individual without his knowledge and also everyone he touches?


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