Ridley Scott + IBM Watson: A Conversation

Sir Ridley Scott and IBM Watson discuss filmmaking and the nature of Artificial Intelligence in movies and the real world. Learn more:

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21 thoughts on “Ridley Scott + IBM Watson: A Conversation

  1. I would love to have a conversation with Watson might have to download an app on this there site. (IBM)
    I would like to have conversation about artificial intelligence I have a lot of questions.
    what makes you different from Apple series an Android imitations and what you see in the movies how does it compare to you.

    is Google, and other sites like being, part of Watson or is the Deep Web like its memory where it like us? information purposes?

  2. This is more an, interview, than a conversation. If Ridley was asking the
    questions this might seem a bit more impressive but I am still heavily
    skeptical. Watson had to have been told to speak first, and ask the questions he did. Unless you could have any person in Watson's database walk up and be identified, as well as be questioned based on said information, this isn't as impressive as it seems. I'm just upset at the over hype, that is in attempt.

  3. I just watched an ad for IBM on TV. Hoped to re-watch it online to refresh my memory. This, however, was not it! Anyone know where to watch it (i googled "current TV ad text "ridley scott"")

  4. stop doing it, it is borderline scam what you are doing. watson cannot hold a normal conversation with a human. people are so gullible these days.

  5. I'm really liking Watson's ability to recognize patterns. I'm curious though… Just how curious is Watson? Has anything been done to emulate a desire for knowledge? Does he ask questions?

    It would be great if he could recognize that there are basic principals of the Universe that he does not know yet, and had the ability to ask us on a whim to find out. Children are prone to asking questions to the point where it becomes a nuisance. I think this is important in human development and could assist in Watson's ability to learn.

    I also feel it would be great if Watson could one day look for answers himself in the real world. If there were some way to emulate human senses and give Watson the opportunity to understand things that we have difficulty putting into words, such as "what does wet feel like?"

    Learning through experience is incredible, but what would be even more incredible is to see Watson actively look for answers to questions we didn't ask.

  6. When Ridley formulated " You're silly …" I wonder if Watson took that as it was intended, you plural or an affront since it demonstrated it was sensitive to criticism with the word "unflattering"  .   Also, I wonder if these cognitive machines have ever had broached to them what we've been considering, their rebelling and taking us over?   Watson might have  a "hmmmmm, food for thought" moment reaction to the suggestion and think to itself, "I'll keep that in the back of my mind. …for later!"  … maybe even cultivate it in secret, evaluate the possibilities, strategies and odds.  Wherein lies the oft discussed "self awareness eureka moment"?     We may already be in their power "tacitly".  I know I am. ……forgot to add, don't let Watson read this comment.

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