Replay: IBM Watson Group Launch Event Jan. 9 in New York

Replay of the IBM Watson Group launch event on January 9, 2014 in New York. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Watson Group SVP Michael Rhodin introduce a new business with Watson clients, partners, and executives. More information at

35 thoughts on “Replay: IBM Watson Group Launch Event Jan. 9 in New York

  1. Now how might any elite organization use this technology to further  discipline the working class…. How might it also be used by the poor to achieve greater liberty and justice?

  2. That was outstanding! So to all my internet brothers and sisters, let's all stay the course,
    And have a great IM  day!

  3. I am ready to partner with  IBM to use Watson in my industry.  We will be signing a long-term contract with them soon.

  4. Its interesting. I guess the name is based on an old Sherlock Holmes , who doneit ceries. Once again, no l don't work for IBM. I'm a Christian. Housewife and mother. I write poetry as a hobby. Elementary my dear Watson…Luvya barb

  5. This is fantastic! It will put IBM in the forefront of support medical science in it pursuit towards accurate health care.

  6. Whats the deadline to register with our new digital overlords?
    I don't want to be sent to the re-education camp again….


  8. Loved this. But you have to get crony capitalism out of the gov't and out of the mix – in health care and otherwise. If the real bottom line is JUST PROFITS OVER ALL — the machines become deadly, wasteful, dehumanizing nightmares instead of wonderful tools. And wonderful tools they are. For example — if you realize that 'food is medicine' and combine inputs from acupuncture, etc as well as name the disease and name the drug….then you have something. INPUTS and values and real bottom line goals still matter! If its all money, then – not so much!!! Even if that is what the 'clients' of Watson are bottom line caring about….. And for one, you need to get more than white MEN into the picture….THAT is essential. If you really want to think out of traditional boxes! And you need to get HUMAN NEEDS front and center – and neuroscience…. I'd LOVE to work on this! You need to get Watson on food and agriculture (greatest contribution to global warming) and ecological scenarios proto….builders need this, energy producers, also educators and how to make global online education plugged into this. Developing human capital…

  9. First healthcare, then callcenters.
    Patient: "The pain in my chest is excruciating!"
    Watson: "Have you tried restarting the human?"

  10. How does Watson compensate for the massive number of research that is innocently wrong, fraudulent and/or irrelevant? Does it simply accept it because "It's on the internet!"?

  11. I am not electronically smart. It worries me that we will depend too much on electronics in the future. but as a human of course I am fascinated with anything that may make our lives easier. For a person who is poor like me I will not be able to enjoy things that they make for I cannot afford them. When will everyone middle-class rich and poor be able to enjoy these things as long as money makes the world go around the world will not go around without money. If someday we were to have a blackout or no electricity from a solar flare which we are in time for that in fact it is way overdue, I believe that will be the down come out everything because we have invested so much money in things doing stuff for us instead of us doing things the way people started. pretty soon there will be computers doing surgeries and being our doctors. So doctors will get less pay and no one will go to school anymore to be doctors. I am not the only one that thinks about this early you do too but you're not going to announce something like that. I want to know what are backup plans. You weren't really talking much about this but this could be your next Grand Challenge and we seem to succeed with every Grand Challenge we have I think we are just walking right into the gates of hell. Only because they have made movies about the future and with AI.. where do you think they got their ideas from. I understand that it could be much easier and save a lot of lives. But it also needs to be put on the damn back burner and we need to concentrate on IBM putting their money towards I would say the word green… Which means making sure that our electricity will be able to remain in case of a solar flare. Until then I will never feel safe! And I don't want to depend on electronics expecially coming from a person who does not understand a damn thing about them. they exploit us social media has millions of downfalls and only a few I would say + moments. regular old FedEx and mail letters. And Dr Who look at you and know you face to face. I am disabled… And I never say my opinion about anything ever but this is something I wanted to remind everyone at IBM… And on Down the Line we need to preserve our world so maybe your grand challenges will come true if we don't work on that then there will be no world to enjoy those grand challenges to know that by any second any freaking second our son could decide to have a little explosion one big enough to completely wipe us out. And here we are putting all of our mind and energy and money into more complicated electronics that have the world doesn't even understand. Get a life

  12. Conservatives will find an excuse to drag it down because it threatens their method of arriving at conclusions; Faith.

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