Reliable DB2 Recovery utility to repair and recover DB2 database safely

DB2, the relational database product by IBM has a long history and is considered as the first database, which has used SQL. Though during the initial years, DB2 was available only in IBM Mainframes, later it worked with all the other platforms, including LINUX, Windows, OS/2, UNIX etc. Like any other database application, DB2 has also its pie of corruption and failure issues. For those instances, you can use the utility ‘db2dart’. The utility locates the corruption and fixes that as well. In case, if db2dart fails, you need to opt for any db2 database recovery software to do the job.

With the ‘db2dart’ utility, you can access the database control files, which are otherwise inaccessible. The utility has several options to perform specific tasks on the DB2 database. You can view those options, if you run db2dart without any parameter. As a result of the end report, db2dart generates a file as ‘database_name.RPT’.

In some complex situations, db2dart utility fails to work and triggers error messages. The error messages can be read any of the below ones:

Warning: The database state is not consistent.
Warning: Errors reported about reorg rows may be due to the inconsistent
state of the database.
DB2DART Processing completed with warning(s)!
Complete DB2DART report found in:

Table inspection start:
Data inspection phase start. Data obj: 25 In pool: 7
Data inspection phase end.

Index inspection phase start. Index obj: 25 In pool: 7
Error: Unable to read pool page 0, object page 0, from pool 7,
Error: parent pool 7, object ID 25, object type Index.
Error: Page 0 of index object does not exist. This invalid index
object will be rebuilt by DB2.
Error detected in index.
Index inspection phase end.

After the occurrence of any of the above errors, the best thing you can do is to restore the database from the previously taken valid backup but if you do not have any valid backup available or you encounter any unresolved problem restoring the database, just go for any DB2 recovery utility.

These utilities are developed with powerful techniques to perform DB2 repair and recover DB2 database systematically. Furthermore, these applications are read-only in nature and do not change/modify the originality of the database.

Stellar Phoenix DB2 Recovery is one of the most reliable software to repair and recover DB2 database safely. The software can repair the DB2 database under any instance of database corruption and recovers all your valuable database objects. Moreover, with highly interactive user interface, the utility gives an all totally lucid recovery experience.

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