Ps3- the Most In-demand Gaming Console

Market of gaming devices as well as games is progressing rapidly with the passage of time. There are numerous gaming consoles available in the market, but PS3 gaming console of Sony is prominent for its easy to use interface and elevated technologies. This game console is the most in-demand game device nowadays. Children as well as adults are getting interested in this gaming console because users can play high definition games easily. It is fact that if there is any unbeaten game console of the PlayStation series, then surely it is PlayStation3.

It is the third home video game of the PlayStation series, which asserts with the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as well as the Nintendo’s Wii. It is a part of seventh generation of video game console and it was unveiled by major electronic giant Sony in the mid of 2005. It was launched in Europe in the year, 2007. Moreover, it is to be considered as one of the first Blu-ray 2.0 Blu-ray players in the market. There are numerous advantages of this game console as it plays games that have been downloaded online and it can read games that have been copied onto other disc.

No doubt, it is an authentic technological device that includes a Blu-ray disc player for films in high description, a cell processor, unbeatable gross calculation power, USB ports, high resolution multimedia interface, a wireless network connection and many other technological features. PS3 can read video files in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 formats, moreover it can also read audio files in ATRAC, AAC, MP3 and WAV formats. The PS3 features IBM’s “Cell” processor and a co-developed graphics processor that makes the system able to perform two trillion calculations per second.

Now the latest gaming console is to be considered as the PS3 160GB. It includes a 160GB PS3 console, a Dual Shock 3 wireless game pad, and a free download voucher from the PlayStation Network Store. The 160GB machine is based on the newest console revision, which cuts the USB port count down to two, removed the multi memory card readers, and nixed backward compatibility with PlayStation 2 games. The system still offers full PlayStation 3 game support, Blu-ray movie playback, and PlayStation 1 game support.

Furthermore, BluRay DVD to this gaming console, an innovative Windows application, can transcode your favorite DVD movies directly. These game consoles are available in the market with high capacity hard drives such as 80GB and 160GB. There are numerous sites that have huge databases of games available for download. With online downloading facility, you will be very pleased with the selection of games you will have to choose from. If talking about price, then you can easily afford the prices and spend your leisure with fun and excitement.

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