Perspectives on Watson – Witness to History

IBM created artificial intelligence with Watson by using natural language understanding, therefore enhancing its innovative question answering ability.

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6 thoughts on “Perspectives on Watson – Witness to History

  1. mhm. 100-200 years might even be overexagerated if you look at how unbelievable fast technology evolves and changes.

  2. If we aren't living in some Road Warrior apocalypse by the year 2100, I think it's quite likely we'll have true machine intelligence by then. Human beings won't always be the most intelligent agents operating in the world.

    But we do need to avoid that road warrior apocalypse.

  3. @e36killer if you also worked in the same buisness as they and me do you would know that 200 years is 10-15 computer technology evolutions. that's far more than what's neccessary to accomplish this task. but we'll see how it turns out. gotta prevent ww3 for that to happen :)

  4. @e36killer haha yeah. then again from what i've read on some blog which linked to baba vanga's predictions for future even zombies and nuclear war sounds like a walk through the park 😀 kinda funny when something starts out with "accurate" forecasts and then reads like a crazy science fiction book 😀 see here ( bit. ly / cbOZnT ) funny read :P

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