OPENPediatrics: Connecting Doctors & Nurses Across the Globe

At Boston Children’s Hospital, Doctors Jeffrey Burns and Traci Wolbrink collaborate with medical professionals across the globe to share insights, knowledge and medical best practices. Using IBM’s Social Learning Platform, they launched OPENPediatrics—a first of its kind social and educational application. This platform connects medical professionals around the world, and gives clinicians in all resource settings access to reliable and relevant medical information. Through OPENPediatrics, doctors and nurses can discuss the latest medical research and share their collective knowledge to improve pediatric critical care. As Dr Burns notes, “There are wonderful ideas out there that come from all directions”. Using powerful analytics and social collaboration tools, OPENPediatrics has been able to grow to a community of over 100 countries and more than 2,500 users. “This is the future, but the future is now.”

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