Ninjas vs Superbugs: Adventures in Nanomedicine

Superbugs are a deadly, growing threat. To fight them, IBM Research is developing a new weapon in their labs: Ninja Polymers. In this medical action movie, you’ll find out what Ninjas are and how they fight MRSA. Learn more at

20 thoughts on “Ninjas vs Superbugs: Adventures in Nanomedicine

  1. You said the polymers bio degrade, but you failed to mention in how long.
    If the answer is anything under a 1000 years could you please explain how? And what does a nano polymer break down to become???
    I thought the problem with polymers in food was that they deposit into the bodies cells and stay there forever??
    I mean OMG, what if for some reason they don't break down, whats stopping them from rupturing all kinds of other important cells?
    Good idea though, maybe stop creating these horrible abominations and you wont need to cure them :D

  2. I wonder what they'll have to invent to kill the side effects of the nanoninjas that were brought in to control the super bugs caused by the… (ad infinitum)…?

  3. Ghee, I wish. The hospital medical staff failed to inform me that I had contracted an illness while awaiting admittance and that they had been giving me nana treatments. They simply observed me for about 14 days. I am not sure why I recovered from anything because I told them whatever was holding me down should be tagged 'Cut-throat' because every time I tried to either swallow or had to cough my throat caught fire and I swear I felt and envisioned electricity and lightning in conjunction with liquid acid nasal sinus drip on a shelf in my throat I have not sensed since recovery. Do the nanas used in socks disintegrate now?

  4. To spend money and time just in propaganda is waste of time.
    There are a lot of people willing to work in their loved jobs, but now in the capitalism we can't because we need to cover vacancy and each job pays what they can.
    Capitalism in the future will be considered waste of time in humanity.
    We must to create a system that allow people to select their jobs, select what they want want to do in life. The sum of it will be a graphic showing that we have more people then jobs, and we can put people to work where they like and study what they like without money to hinder us.
    Technology comes later, after the society is guaranteed to have at least the basics needs. Until then people with technology will suffer, at least in mind, because of so much people without what to eat and live.

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