Moving Atoms: Making The World’s Smallest Movie

How did IBM researchers move all those atoms to make the world’s smallest movie? This short behind-the-scenes documentary takes you inside the lab. Meet the scientists, see how they made a movie with atoms, and find out more about their research in the field of atomic memory and data storage. See the world’s smallest movie at Learn more about atomic memory, data storage and big data at

29 thoughts on “Moving Atoms: Making The World’s Smallest Movie

  1. +IBM Thoughts on placing the atoms on the underside of a partially transparent substrate to essential make a screen with atom sized pixel density? I imagine the refresh rate wouldn't be too great at first.

  2. This is something really facinating. Beauty of science. I wish I was born 100 years in future…..the world would be amazingly different.

  3. I love how they do hightech stuff like that but then their monitors and keyboards are ancient 😀 i mean the keyboard so old it doesnt have the windows button :D

  4. I am disappointed. Most of the video is just empty talks about how it's exciting instead of the actual exciting stuff. Also does 5 minute video need 1 minute of people walking somewhere?

    I really came here for facts, what I saw was not explanation at all.

  5. I was interested in learning how the movie was made, but the music that is with the video is annoying, and louder than the speaking, so it is hard to concentrate on what is being said and what is being shown.

  6. If the atom is the size of an orange then orange is the size of planet earth. What is he trying to talk about?

  7. Multi-million dollar project and at 2:27 they're stuck working on a AT or PS2 keyboard and mouse from the early 90's? GOOD LORD, IBM. Give them a couple of bucks for a keyboard with a wrist support!

    That keyboard may be older than some of the JUNIOR STAFF.

  8. i love IBM for their great scientific achievements, but i have a question, what the background made of? i know quarks, gluons, electrons and neutrinos are smaller than atoms but i guess u can't build surface using those, what could possibly make that background look so clear and soft?

  9. I think that if we could move atoms and molecules around we could treat damaged cells in or bodies even on our brain i think this research could be given even more research……..because we could applied it in enumerous other fields……….

  10. I came here looking for a clear explanation of how that machine works (or can work) after seeing one at my little brothers college during the orientation walk-through. The professor there explained to me how it works and what it's used for so I already understand it and how it works, and this video just showed me a cool demonstration of how this machine is actively operated. Pretty cool, thanks IBM!

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