Match 4 – James Murphy Remix | The US Open Sessions

IBM and James Murphy turned US Open tennis match data into music. James created this remix of one of his favorite tracks.

When a young player beats a top-seeded player, like in this match from August 25th, it’s bound to make some noise. And in this case, that noise is glorious: a series of simple, almost sweet opening notes that slowly transform into unexpectedly intense, mature sounds. Beats bubble up from out of nowhere, swiftly take over and set the track in an uncompromising new direction. Hear how James portrays the swagger of the younger player and the relentless drama of the match in the deep, pulsing beats.

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2 thoughts on “Match 4 – James Murphy Remix | The US Open Sessions

  1. Elliott Belardo (ElliottBelardo2)

    A computer-generated track transformed into an EDM banger. It's good until after the first and only drop, where the song transforms into an ambient soundscape, with the main melody fading in in the background.


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