Making The World’s Smallest Movie: Reports from the Lab: 10

See the world’s smallest movie at Want a look inside IBM Research— Almaden? IBM researchers documented their progress while making the world’s smallest movie. Here, their daily web cam updates tell you more about the ups and downs of moving all those atoms. Learn more about atomic memory, data storage and big data at

5 thoughts on “Making The World’s Smallest Movie: Reports from the Lab: 10

  1. Fascinated by this accomplishment! Do the electronics chirps in the background of the previous videos have a meaning (ala Morse Code), or are they simply rhythmic sounds?

  2. Yes, I understand that as they explained it earlier: but they use the same sound at the beginning of every video, and often have it running through the video. Did they do that because it sounded cool, or because they compiled the sounds into a Morse code or binary style message? For example: were you aware the tracks on the Curiosity Rover on Mars spell out JPL in Morse code?

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