Making Music with Tennis Data

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Learn how IBM partnered with musician James Murphy to make music out of US Open tennis match data. Find out more about the project at To listen to all the music generated from the matches and James Murphy’s remixes, visit

39 thoughts on “Making Music with Tennis Data

  1. Dominic Longden

    Why is everyone complaining about this being pointless techsturbation? Did you not read the title that says "Making Music with Tennis Data"? What else was this ever going to be?

  2. stuporstar

    Utterly and totally pointless. This actually sums up modern Western 'cool' culture – smug, bearded men obsessing over utter trivia, adult babies playing with toys.

  3. therealsweep1

    I remember talking to someone who tried something like this many years ago. He enjoyed adapting the technology to do it, but the sounds he got were – unsurprisingly – pointless and unlistenable.

  4. Yulan Ottenfwicke

    I thought about proposing a music generating program using an algorithm based on my wife's mood swings, but I realized the result would be the soundtrack to Saw III.

  5. rjmprod

    Is it music or sound effects? Music has soul, this is produced by a machine and has no soul, therefore not music! In my humble opinion….

  6. OXXOI77777

    People, in case you are too dense to realize, this is just BM's promo video for the project – not a demo video of the finished product. They are purposefully vague and did not show the finished product in the video in the hopes that you would visit the site to see what it actually is.

  7. Yulan Ottenfwicke

    …and will someone tell Earl Green if he doesn't stop dropping his religulous dogma into the comments section of completely unrelated vids like this one I'm going to show up at his church in the middle of services and start a tennis game.

  8. Adernn Nider

    Played tennis recently with my daughter and literally said to her, " I love the sound of tennis.' (Mostly meant ball sounds–whoop-pop.)

  9. littel P

    Why everyone is so upset? Is this a gag or something?
    Anyway, music turned out to be cool and enjoyable. It is also quite a neat quirk, making music out of motion or smthng. Not that it's really needed, but…
    Only thing i'm not a fan of is video edit, a bit chaotic and unnecessary, but at least stylish. 


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