Lenovo ThinkPad R16 is good Travel Mate

By: Umar Werfete

IBM notebook of Lenovo ThinkPad R61 was designed to met those people who mobility working case it has small and slim design lightweight and supported with illumination keyboard. Actually, ThinkPad is a classical notebook from IBM but the features contained in this ThinkPad is very different than common notebook ever found.

A Think Light as a LED light that will illuminate on keyboard makes this ThinkPad seems Pretty and different than the other, so it can be used easily when the user want to types something in the dark room. It has 14,1 inches display screen with 5.8 pounds that makes easier to carry anywhere as a travel mate. The performance of this notebook has many excellency which appropriate to counts.Completed with 2.2 GHz processor Core 2 Duo T7100 and 512 MB memory and DDR2 PC-5300 that enable user to upgrade to 4 GB.

For the storage media, R16 used a hard disk 80GB SATA, same with performance of common notebook. The other interesting of this notebook is the finger print reader that enable the user to customize set up at the first time use. In addition, this notebook also provided with WIFI feature which enable user to get connect with any wireless network easily whenenever and wherever, as long as any wireless network can be reach and allow to be acces. Beside it, Lenovo ThinkPad R16 also supported with battery life about 3 hour during active time. it it as a enough time and neraly same with common notebook founded.

So, over all notebook, this notebook also belong to one of excellent notebook at ThinkPad class.

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