Ken Watanabe + IBM Watson on Communication

Ken Watanabe discuss how Watson is learning nuance, context and idiom in seven languages to help companies from all over the world with everything from retail solutions to banking to cyber security. IBM Watson helps us outthink language barriers. Learn more at:

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17 thoughts on “Ken Watanabe + IBM Watson on Communication

  1. Watson's Japanese accent sounds like slowly chopping onions (cry)….with a meat cleaver. Japanese is tough to flow from word to word or thought to thought.

  2. What terrible voice synthesis app. IBM you guys have too much money to be making this the face of your company when Google, MS and Apple are running circles around you with their voice. The minds of the mass public are hardly important to you as a company, but they influence the business strategies of your clients.

  3. I don't want to say it, Because idiots are gonna take it way out of proportion, but Watson does have the potential to become skynet, I love the thing, it's neural network is highly intriguing to me. IBM have got it in the bag, all they'd have to do is apply the Watson architecture to a mobile machine/robot humanoid, and then we'll have a Humans (TV program) situation, of course they'd have to figure out how to scale down the technology required to house Watson's brain into a human cranium sized unit or just give them their own cloud processing unit.

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