IBM Watson: The Science Behind an Answer

After Watson’s groundbreaking performance on Jeopardy!, see how this incredible smart technology processes data. In this video, the four steps of Watson’s question answering technology are covered, along with what the future holds for IBM’s intelligent natural language processing platform beyond Jeopardy!

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20 thoughts on “IBM Watson: The Science Behind an Answer

  1. Tom Grey

    After looking at the first week of the Watson-Stanford Natural Language Processing course (60hrs), this was really an excellent overview of Watson touching lots of highlights.

  2. Stat Head

    Finally a clear and concise explanation of Watson. I am totally convinced that Watson is the beginning of a major revolution in computer science and deep analysis. IBM is doing true AI. It's not hype this time.

    In the hands of governments, including the US, it will be dangerous. In the hands of medicine and a host of other domains it's the Holy Grail.

  3. Grimson's Tuning

    and now it begins, Watson will one day become self-aware and write it's own code this is not good for anyone. I give it another few months and Watson will not show it but most likely hide what he can really do behind closed doors when know one is watching. can we maybe say this is the future of self intelligence in A.I.

  4. Louie “InfintyZero” Macorncan

    in the ending "lets build smarter planet" yes if everyone stop crashing cars each other we would had flying vehicals and we wouldn't give damn about road no more that was a dream was set and now its greatest illusion just punch everyone in the face about flying cars or able ride on hover bikes all over the state and other world wide country, but no everyone was born to be part dumb in every way and listen the dumb side while you got the smart and postived grouping together.

  5. Albert Mascolo

    I would love to have wants an and ask him questions I have a lot of questions and I'm always looking for answers

  6. Jack Braverman

    If someone is paid to excess or hacks the system and changes possibilities for a certain gain it will be really influential on our perception of truth. Probably if this will be something then it will be broadly used and people will trust it for mental comfort, so changing a curtain word meaning or deleting a name can benefit someone but alter the truth.

  7. Kris with a K

    So Watson is an advanced database bot with a fixed library. Meaning it's unable to synthesise new information using understandings of what it knows, but instead relies on comparisons and decisions based on form given in prescribed database entries?

  8. Harrison Kyle Jones

    This is why even though there are many nay Sayers that decry our demise as machines become more intelligent, we should still per sue the attempt to create AI that can help us with answers and solutions, but also will help us to learn about ourselves!

  9. Realism & Patriotism


    Let's build a smarter planet.
    And for the love of the universe, let's NOT destroy our planet in the process, shall we?

    The capitalist system is unacceptably wasteful.
    And it saddens me greatly to see the lunacy perpetuate itself.


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