25 thoughts on “IBM Watson: The Face of Watson

  1. ChristopherHillman

    Personally I beleive that this is the Next Big Wave coming in technology!!
    Simply Because gadgets are getting so smaLL that the next real user interface is going to Have to be Speech (Command) Recognition..
    BUT.in order for the gadget to Actually understand what we're saying enough to be "USABLE" it can't just be using "speech recognition" it's gong to have to use more "concept recognition" to not get stuck on bad syllables etc.etc.etc.
    I think watson shows the 3rd and 4th steps in all that.

  2. Fossil98

    Can you ask Google 'In the original "Wizard of Oz" book & in the musical "Wicked". The slippers aren't "Ruby" but this metallic color'?
    And have it retrieve an 'answer'.

  3. ooltimu

    OK, I understood that the voice and language processing is really complex, but I think Jeopardy was not the best way to point this out. Understanding language is a trivial task for a human, but pretty hard for a computer, while storing and retrieving exact information is the opposite. I think the best way to show off Watson would be to test it in a real conversation.

  4. Fossil98

    It can understand natural language, not form it. Watson could probably find answers to questions found in a real conversation, but Jeopardy is just a nice, popular, somewhat numerical game. Beating the grandmasters was an achievement to work towards.

  5. mdahut

    He is right.This is just yet another good old fashioned cognitivist disembodied system. Intelligence lies in the abstraction and sense-making necessarily involves the sensory-motor system. The mind is not limited to the brain or the body even. In order to have a proper cognitizing system, one needs to build a system present in the world, enactively and materially engaging with the world. Not just a symbol-processing algorithm running on a chip and making inferences based on a big database.

  6. Thang Tran

    That is an interesting proposition. You have my up vote.

    The only reason why they haven't is probably due to hardware costs for Watson. This has been done with algorithms and programs who are competing to become better.

  7. johnybzaina

    Dyson listened while the Terminator laid it all down. Watson, Judgment Day, the history of things to come. It's not every day that you find out you're responsible for three billion deaths. He took it pretty well.

  8. lilmisstransformer

    Watson is a beutiful peice of technology, and dont tell him any differant! We might lower his confidence if we do that! ;)

  9. John Bloomer

    Cool, but over designed like most things. If you have to explain the design then it just doesn't work. It'd be better for Watson to display felling through thousands of emoji states that animate from one to another.

  10. Kristen Marshello

    It is refreshing to hear a male voice instead of a female. As a linguist, I would be fine looking at soundwaves. Or "face" haha


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