IBM Watson: Perspectives from an IBM Developer

An interview with developer and IBMer Joshua Carr. He talks about the thrill and opportunity of working one-on-one with Watson.

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20 thoughts on “IBM Watson: Perspectives from an IBM Developer

  1. This is done well except for the part when he says that Watson can do in seconds why humans can do in a lifetime – then it cuts to a picture of a baby. Can Watson make humans??? Nope – I would have edited that part much better.

  2. interesting. I have been thinking about the internet and how there is tons of raw data which there is no way which a person can access, cause there is just 'too much' of it. And that tons of things are bound to just get lost in it. Even if it might be something useful. Just based on the website not performing well enough for search engines to pull it up. So having a way for people to have some computer or machine that is able to grapple with big data, I could see being useful.

  3. Hi, very interesting, we can give Watson "the gift of the gab" to conversationally interact. Conversational Bytes "only a whisper away".

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