IBM Watson is the platform for cognitive business

Cognitive business is here. IBM Watson is helping leaders re-shape industries as diverse as retail, banking, and travel and outthink the limits of what’s possible.
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28 thoughts on “IBM Watson is the platform for cognitive business

  1. Give me proof for each of these blatant exaggerations and maybe, just MAYBE, I will think about backing the AI that has nothing to do with said exaggerations.

  2. I gotta say, although indirectly, this kinda highlights an issue in society.

    "I am up to date on every law." — no you're not, your computer is. I mean, I know that this is just for the commercial, but I've seen people that have actually thought along similar lines to this.

    All of that said, I certainly respect IBM for its advancements in technology, and I'm not directing this comment necessarily at them.

  3. Watson now needs Holmes to show him how the weather works so he can forecast much further ahead….

  4. I wonder why Watson is not used more. You guys should make Watson more usable by more people. For example, how can I use Watson now? I can't and I don't need to. Google is making their own AI too. Better step up your game or you'll get left behind.

  5. I love that comment about ( Terminator (Skynet) LOL

    I would love to see a future where humans are part of the internet or some kind of cyborg, well at least receive information from the internet directly to our minds or learn faster.
    or even see robots walking Among Us and not being able to tell the difference between human and a robot that might be my sex bots LOL.

    I see my sex bot disconnected from remote interface from the internet. so what it knows and learns is through its own experience making it it's own individual with its own thoughts. with touch sensitive skin and learn what is enjoyment. make it separate from the internet. and has to access information like us. maybe will save ourselves from Skynet with the individual robot.

  6. Just because Watson can easily find information doesn't make it knowledge the user possesses; if it was a neural augmentation maybe then it would qualify. Still, it is awesome that it's as powerful as it is yet its api is open-sourced on github.

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