IBM Watson: Countdown to Jeopardy!

On February 14, 2011, Watson, the IBM computing system designed to play Jeopardy!, faces its toughest challenge yet. Jeopardy! The IBM Challenge pits the two greatest champions in the show’s history against a machine that rivals their ability to deliver a single, precise answer to a Jeopardy! clue.

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27 thoughts on “IBM Watson: Countdown to Jeopardy!

  1. @hemirox33 It cannot hear – so receives questions through text messages. I guess, they could have dramatized by asking questions that might have been texted before… 

  2. A lot of people, like me, living outside the US would love to watch the Watson challenge in full. Any chance you'll post it on youtube?

  3. An audience full of IBM geeks, two former champions, and one massive computer system. And after the first show, the computer is already making EVERYONE sweat buckets!

    Regardless of the outcome at this point, this is definitely mission accomplished for the entire Watson development team.

  4. Watson, this multi-national corporation sold and maintained punch card machines to Nazi Germany, that helped organize the Holocaust.
    What is IBM?
    Correct for 500!

  5. @TheTobywankenobi Citing corporate events from over 70 years ago, when probably not a single person in IBM in WWII is in it today. Good one.

  6. @axeld93 It's about learning from history; who's to say that another corporation won't do the same in our time. Ignorant people (like yourself) must learn to study the past, so you have a better grasp of current events. I don't mean to be pretentious, but sometimes I feel like most people (like yourself) are delusional to how much you can change the world, when you know more about history.

  7. How come the Algorithms and Strategy Researcher for IBM has a Macbook?
    Also, did Brad Rutter just decide to stop playing, even though he's undefeated?

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