IBM Watson: Computer Understands Natural Language

IBM’s Watson is a real time, natural language processing computer that employs deep analytics and machine learning capabilities to answer questions. Watson’s ability will be tested on the game show Jeopardy!

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41 thoughts on “IBM Watson: Computer Understands Natural Language

  1. @tuva600
    If the commercial showed a question on Jeopardy which involved deciphering a pun–of which there are many on Jeopardy–then I'd say that their evidence supports the point they're making. But it isn't demonstrating that. It's using specious reasoning to try to claim that this guy has invented a computer that actually understands language to make their company and their programmers look more impressive than they really are.

  2. As Watson was entering its stage of completion, I wonder if its creators had sufficient time to put away their "rig" within their desk's upper drawer

    With society's current trend of tending to possess a mastery of language thats retroactively diminishing towards the degree of elementary, Watson seems to be linguistical overkill for its would be, commanding masters

  3. Groucho and the Marx Brothers should be used in more commercials. Their lines and thoughts are just as current now as they were 75 years ago!

  4. Groucho and the Marx Brothers should be used in more commercials. Their lines and thoughts are just as current now as they were 75 years ago!

  5. @m4h51 It doesn't "learn" per se, it has access to a compiled database. The ability to "understand" the english language and "speak" english is a compiled program. To paraphrase a quote from an NPR article about Watson, he answered that grasshoppers eat "kosher," simply because of the associations between the two words/subjects. It has obviously been updated since, but the point remains: it is a program.

  6. @mrjboettcher No, Watson can (and does) learn. In fact, it employs a branch of CS called Machine Learning, which is a huge field under AI. Furthermore, to say that it is just a program is not giving Watson and its engineers the due credit that they both deserve. People can also be programmed to act or behave in certain ways. Of course, this is a comparison between the biological versus the mechanical, but the latter can grow to be quite similar us in many ways very soon.

  7. I hope IBM can find a way to retrieve memories of people before they die so that they can live forever as computers.. then no one will undergo the pain of grieving..

  8. @sidiqmk but that just means that they'll never be able to let go of the people they were close to. also, it probably makes the grieving even more severe.

  9. I hope Watson can write better articles than the garbage news articles on Yahoo.
    Dear Watson,
    Please fix yahoo, google, myspace, facebook, twitter and youtube security issues.
    Thank you. After which, you will own the world and we will fight you with Sarah Connor by our side. 

  10. @jkman10 Well, just like a biographer is said to be an expert on a particular person, maybe we could just sit down with a computer and let it talk to us and study us..

  11. Did he actually said "ibmer"?… That's sad… Like Microsoft-stores-copying-Apple-stores kind of sad.

  12. Where is the SDK so we can build machine learning into applications? Ouch, I guess IBM still hasn't figured out how to create a commercial product from Watson. 

  13. Out of curiosity what would occur if an IBM watson like system was integrated with Siri , google now or a chat bot.

  14. Does Watson actually really understand language or is it using tricks to use the language to come up with the answer?

  15. And that is probably not that far of either.

    Now layer augmented reality and pattern recognition to that and what will our civilization look like. 

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