IBM Watson At Work

IBM Watson, the advanced cognitive system that won Jeopardy! in 2011 is now at work in healthcare, finance, customer service, and other industries. Find out what Watson is up to at Join the conversation at #IBMWatson.

25 thoughts on “IBM Watson At Work

  1. Watson obviously couldn't be beaten in Jeopardy. He has too many advantages, it might as well be cheating. Oh, and he kinda said bullshit the entire time. An AI with turrets, isn't an AI. Especially when his programming sucks that hard.

  2. Do you have any idea how Watson worked? He didn't have an internet connection, more of a base of knowledge that he had to connect to with what information he was given. He even used computer learning to "see" the question cards, rather than being sent them in digital text. He interpreted them.

  3. Used to adore IBM, including their stock, until I heard about what they did and how Endicott is being handled. IBM should be ashamed.

  4. I'm sorry, NORMAL HUMANS HAVE THE ADVANTAGE OF INTERPRETING PUNS, while most computers don't. Also, try programming a TEXT CALCULATOR on SMALL BASIC (I will be very happy when you fail). Then a voice recognition program which interprets accents. Then have the voice calculator write a log of everything it does. AND THEN type in a few textbooks of world history, all the mathematical principles, lots of science, and as many dictionaries as you can find.

  5. Still, you aren't done. Now, you have to let it interpret puns, jokes, expressions, idioms, and irony, and apply it to the database you will never compile. Now put it on Jeopardy!. Oh wait, make it have a reply system. And if your computer wins and it was easy to make, only then do you have the right to say his programming sucks.

  6. sucks, since none of its products are worth their price. The only good part is the screen resolution, and that part is unnecessary.

  7. Well, to be honest, it might get the questions right, but would be considerably slower with longer questions. It would have to be an enhanced version of Siri, similar to advanced versions of Android in almost every device not owned by Google directly that uses it. 

  8. "Lets build a smarter planet." – Amazing and true too. What we have now is a base for global peace, and with the help of IBM computing, we are able to further develop our international aspiration. Such is so.

  9. sooo are we actually going to do the smart thing and let the public ask her a question…or are we going to make this challenging… like usual

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