IBM THINK | Laura Chinchilla Speaks with Errol Morris on Reallocation of Resources

At IBM’s THINK Forum in New York City, Laura Chinchilla, President of Costa Rica, surprises Errol Morris with the fact that Costa Rica does not have an army and instead focuses national funds on community development and social leadership.

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  1. People needs to know that there is a president much more stupid than bush and it is chinchilla, she is the most stupid person that the world has known. CR sucks with this bitch.

  2. I tell you what, we don't have to ask, the USA actually beg us to let them come to our country to help fight drugs cartels, you guys in he US really like weed and other drugs, so, our Congress actually denied the permit, the US still asking, so I would suggest you to read a little more, so you don't look uninformed. We believe in peace, we hate war, is cool no to agree with it, but I think if there was a war in your city, you wouldn't like it.

  3. Fuck, I fucking hate her, she is the presiden of my country and I feel shame about this interview. Maybe she needs some lessons but god Why she is talking that shit if you can say if is english. Also she´s the worst presindent on the history of my country. 

  4. Maybe she does not know how to express this but in CR, we don´t believe that an army ist´s something necessary, and it is because most of the problems can be solved without violence. I BUT I think she´s a BITCH

  5. I apologize to all who see this video, I am ashamed to see this video and see how this "lady" is lying to the world to say that we are the happiest country in the world, where our social security is collapsing, jobs have declined considerably and our environment is seriously threatened … if it is true there is no army here … but our fight is different and is trying to rebuild the Costa Rica where we live … …

  6. continuacion of my comment: I'm not 100% English speaker but is embarrassing to see how this, it's not my president because he does not represent me in the least … speaks English … the accent is scary !!!

  7. is that actually true? CR is not poor anymore? what about all the money given to the so called police force, which is stronger than other armies in the region? 

  8. lol alguien mas ve esto como un triste intento para mejorar su imagen ante la pelada en CNN? eso esta mas cortado y editado q el presupuesto de la casa de un diputado antes de presentar los impuestos

  9. I am from costa rica and I have been working at ibm since september 2012, however, I do not have a well english pronuntiation but I have tried to improve every day… Day by day… So, laura chinchicha, I think that you can improve and I agree in you have the courage to speak in english and give your opinion.

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