IBM Smarter Cities: Building Smarter Cities

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Just like businesses, cities compete in a global marketplace. By leveraging technology, they can use information to engage their communities, deliver better services, and lure prospective citizens.
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11 thoughts on “IBM Smarter Cities: Building Smarter Cities

  1. IntelisysCorp

    Predicting what the residents of cities will do next would only take the current trends/patterns and introduce new opportunities or ideas to that group of people. 

  2. stutek

    Sent you a private message with the address.

    If anyone else wants it really bad, send me a private mail, so we do not spam over here.

  3. stutek

    Thank you for your noble goal.
    Technology can actually help you to free yourself: check out video titled "What is ripple pay".

    My personal goal is to empower and raise independence of individuals though. So we as individuals have the power to be independent of centrally managed services:
    – private OneSocialWeb nodes instead of Facebook, Twitter or Google+
    – Ubuntu private cloud instead of Google, Azure, Amazon, iCloud
    – Ripple pay instead of bank accounts

  4. stutek

    I believe independence is a requirement for freedom.

    After getting my own home, next on the plan is to get "off the grid". To stay connected, but independent as much as possible. Unrestricted and comfortable access to knowledge on the web makes it possible.

    Credit goes to wikipedia, youtube, whole open source community …

    Oh and opensource can provide 8x cheaper hardware for civilization – check out the video "Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization"

  5. stutek

    About freedom:
    Corporations are a miniature dictatorships. I am trying to become a freelancer programmer so I will not have to work for an incompetent and parasitic boss.

    I am working on a design that would allow anyone to become a freelancer for any type of work. Pervasive internet and computing can make it a reality. Technology can set people free or enslave us. It is up to us to choose the path.

  6. Andew Tarjanyi

    Mental exercise:

    We currently live in a commercial economic environment which is invariably and inextricably linked with the unwavering belief that competition is the only way that the highest quality goods and services can be provided in the most equitable way possible.

    Although historically this may have been the case, it is inadvisable to use this as an exclusive measure of future trends when thinking about intelligent data systems.   We need to be careful when defining the operative word here ( intelligent ).

    Hence the need for considering the following exercise.

    We have two IAMS (Intelligent Asset Management Systems) one called Watson and the other called Guber. Given that an event (engineered or natural) occurs which endows both systems with intelligence, would they compete or collaborate.

    I will declare an interest here and add that from my perspective this is a rhetorical question, hence the lack of a question mark.


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