IBM: Road to the US Open

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Follow the bouncing ball to the 2015 US Open in New York!

Since 1990, IBM has worked with the USTA to enhance the US Open by providing a richer experience for millions of fans worldwide as well as media, coaches and players. The USTA’s mission is to promote the game of tennis and IBM’s challenge is to leverage technology to achieve this goal.

We are proud that our technology and expertise helps The US Open maintain its position as the best tennis championship in the world year after year. Fans around the globe experience the US Open through television and digital platforms all supported by IBM technology and the innovation that we bring. Each year expectations rise and each year the USTA and IBM partnership delivers a fantastic fan experience.

IBM provides end-to-end solutions that include equipment and services to deliver the US Open experience. We capture, analyze, publish, store, monitor and secure the historical and real-time data that is at the heart of an enhanced US Open experience. Our solutions span digital platforms including the web and mobile apps and incorporate integrated content management, live scoring systems, real-time and historical data analysis tools, all supported by a Cloud infrastructure.

The data and insights that IBM captures on the court are distributed around the grounds and around the globe in seconds. This real-time access to information helps the US Open stand out among sporting events and media outlets. All of this is made possible by a combination of IBM’s Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, Security and Systems capabilities. Our objective is to make the fan experience better, whenever and wherever they want to experience it. If we can do this for the US Open, live, in front of the world, imagine what the possibilities are for your business.

9 thoughts on “IBM: Road to the US Open

  1. MaryAnn Aquino

    I will be working on this project one day (in my dream) well, I'm proud atleast I'm an IBMer :)) I miss playing Tennis anyway :(


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