IBM: Revealing the Predictive Mind

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Psychiatrists conduct more than 63 million interviews every year. But none are analyzed in a quantitative, codified manner. IBMer Guillermo Cecchi, a PhD in biology, physics, and imaging in psychiatry, wants to change this – and introduce machine learning into the discovery of patterns in mental disorders such as psychosis, addiction, schizophrenia, and others. He writes text analysis algorithms that quantify behavior impossible for even the mind of a trained psychiatrist to recognize. This understanding of mental health’s big data could help a psychiatrist uncover and predict a patient’s traumatic episode before it occurs, allowing for timely, specific treatment.

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3 thoughts on “IBM: Revealing the Predictive Mind

  1. Michel LAUDET

    I am always happy to see and listen to IBM ads and IBM new way of working, meeting the good spirit I have found there.

  2. Barbara Saunders

    Revealing the Predictive Mind by quantifying behaviour is once again the propaganda of Right-wing Totalitarianism and the Robotic Brain.


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