IBM: One Smart Century

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This video provides a quick and succinct glance into IBM’s smart innovations and achievements over the past 100 years, in 100 seconds.
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16 thoughts on “IBM: One Smart Century

  1. Michael Idris Merchant

    @GarebearShields interestingly enough, IBM was the biggest proponent of the Linux OS when it came out and still uses Linux in many of the servers I've personally seen. I imagine there are probably more Linux systems than Microsoft systems in the company. (Of course the personal computers aren't linux, though, haha)

  2. Dnizzle7

    @GarebearShields Their into Linux…they cant use the Mac OS cuz only apple is allowed to make computers that run the Mac OS. Windows isnt that bad either. But linux can kick windows and Mac OS combined ass.

  3. Deployer

    @GarebearShields Thats cause when IBM was "giving up" they were in a middle of making a new computer.
    They noticed that there was this guy (Bill Gates) who was frequently requesting for IBM to accept their OS. IBM just wanted to finish that computer. So they accepted and now IBM is sticking with WIndows, that's why. And no it's not the biggest mistake in history. IBM ROCKS!!


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