Ibm Lto4 Ultrium 800 Gb Data Cartridge and Lto Drive

The LTO is an Open backup tape media which is considered as one of the most innovative and leading tape format. The IBM media products have the new and innovative technologies that have the ability and capacity to work under severe conditions.

The IBM LTO4 is reliable, high speed and robust backup tape cartridge of the fourth generation of LTO backup tape technology. The native storage capacity of the IBM LTO 4 tape is 800GB while the compression capacity is 2:1. Therefore, the compressed storage capacity reaches to 1.6TB. The IBM LTO4 cartridges come in the form of write once, Write Once Read Many WORM and also in rewritable as well.

The LTO 4 ultrium drives benefits its users, because it has the technology to record the encrypted data on the WORM cartridge and rewritable tape cartridge as well. The IBM LTO drives are more reliable and efficient because when ever the drive is accessed, on every use the drive stores the read write media statistical analysis. The IBM backup cartridge offers its users with more capacity per volume for data storing. Therefore less capacity for library cartridge is required for the IBM LTO tape. In this way the backup windows also reduces as well as the volume.

The IBM LTO 4 tape media facilitates its users to overcome the issue of the increased volume of data to be stored. The IBM is a high capacity and reliable storage medium. The IBM tape requires lesser human intervention, space along with other equipment to hold the backup tapes and daily operations. Because, the IBM backup tapes have increased capacity to hold the data.

The IBM backup tape cartridges reduce the operational costs, because lesser number of IBM tape cartridges is able to hold large volumes of data due to their increased storage capacity. In this way time is also saved due to less human interference because of the lesser number of tape cartridges. IBM has developed the LTO 4 ultrium backup tape cartridge which is a high quality, robust and rigid backup storage medium that provides the best results to the enterprises. The LTO 4 drives also provide the features of data encryption techniques, which help to protect the precious and valuable data. The data encryption technique gives an additional advantage to the users for data protection.

The IBM data tapes have been carefully developed and engineered to enhance the data integrity, capacity, reliability and data transfer speed. The IBM LTO cartridges are facilitating and improving the efficiency of the companies around the globe. The IBM backup tape cartridges have been tested many times with the LTO tape drives in order to ensure that the tape cartridges give the best results, hold data for longer period of time and reduce the chances of data loss. The IBM tapes improve the performance of LTO tape libraries and drives.

The IBM cartridges have the technology and ability to work in extreme and harsh conditions in automated as well as the stand alone working environments. The IBM LTO cartridge has LTO CM (cartridge memory) chip. During the media (unload/load) cycles, the CM chip helps to improve and speed up the process of transfer of data with the IBM LTO drives. The color of the IBM LTO4 cartridge is green so that it can be easily differentiated among the other generations of LTO ultrium backup tape cartridges. The IBM LTO WORM (Write Once Read Many) tapes have the new technology to store the data in the format of non rewritable and non erasable. In this way the data can be stored for longer period of time.

The hardware encryption technology of LTO fourth generation along with the WORM technology helps to enhance the data integrity. New and advanced security features have been introduced in order to make sure that the data stored in the IBM LTO tape is kept safe from deletion or alteration.

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