Ibm Lto Ultrium Backup Tape Media Format

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The LTO tape drive from IBM offers enhanced performance and backup solutions that benefits the users. The IBM LTO tape drives are fast. Therefore, the users can retrieve and record at high speed to save time and cost. There are number of factors that can affect the transfer rate of the tape drive like the compression ratio, disc transfer rate, block size, fiber channel, LVD and file size etc.

The streaming transfer rate of the LTO tape drives is very high. Rate at which tape drive transfer the data during the tape movement to read or write data is called the "streaming rate". The "streaming rate" of the tape drive is considered as a vital factor to determine the overall sustained rate. If the block size is 128K or greater, then the LTO drive can write at speed of 30MB per second. IBM ultrium tape provides 15MB per second of native streaming rate and with compression ratio of 2:1 provides compressed rate of 30MB per second.

The 1st IBM LTO-3 tape drive is the "3580 Model L33" that has "SCSI ultra-160 LVD" interface. The 2nd LTO-3 tape drive introduced by IBM is the "3580 Model L3H". The other tape autoloaders by IBM are the entry level 3581 model F38 and L38. Both these autoloaders offer 1 LTO-3 drive and 8 cartridge slots. So, the total capacity reaches to 6.4TB with compression of 2:1. Model L-38 has a "SCSI Ultra-160 LVD" attachment. The attachment is helps to connect to AIX, Solaris, i5/OS, HP-UX, Linux and Windows.

IBM 3582 drive supports multi-path which helps the partitioning of the library into 2 logical libraries. Each of the logical libraries has its distinct and separate control paths, storage slots and drives. IBM 3582 drive also has the feature of "control path failover" which enhances the availability.

The IBM 3583 library is designed to fulfill the requirements of large volume data storage. Up to 6 LTO tape drives are supported by IBM 3583 library along with seventy two cartridge slots. LTO-3 tape drives and can be used in the IBM 3583 model L-72, L-36 and L-18. The users have the choice to match and mix LTO-2 and LTO3 tape medium because of the option of the Fiber channel or LVD SCSI connectivity.

IBM "3584 tape library" gives the best solution when the storage requirement exceeds 57.6TB (compressed capacity). Each frame of IBM 3584 can install up to twelve tape drives. Up to sixteen frames in single library can be linked with each other. So, the capacity of the library reaches up to 192 data tape drives and cartridge slots up to 6,887. IBM 3588 drive "model F-3A" is the LTO-3 tape drive’s "fiber channel" version. IBM 3588 drive is specifically designed to support the 3584 large library cabinets which include the models D-32, L-32, L-52 and D-52.

The IBM frame model 3584 HA-1offers the "fail over protection". The 3589 tape cartridge from IBM has 400GB data storage capacity. IBM has introduced 2 models of LTO-3 tape media format. Model 008 of IBM has label with serial information. It is optionally packed in "individual jewel cases". IBM model-009 has two blank labels which are not attached. In individual "jewel cases" the model-009 is packed. Both the IBM tape cartridges can be used in the IBM autoloaders, libraries and the tape drives.

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