IBM is developing the world’s largest super-computer "BlueWater"

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December 8, according to foreign media reports, IBM is paying attention to develop its Power7 processor. Now, IBM announced that its latest supercomputer program’s core will be used 32 core Power7 processor chips. The chips will deploy a large number of embedded DRAM memory.

IBM’s “BlueWaters” supercomputer will be installed in the United States University of Illinois, it will be put into use in 2011. This supercomputer will be the world’s largest publicly available supercomputers.

In theory, speed of operation this supercomputer can reach 1.6 millions times per second by connecting 16,384 Power processor nodes . However, IBM said that the initial theoretical peak performance is 1 million floating-point operations, a more realistic real-world performance is about continuous 0.1 million floating-point operations per second.

The rich, dark brown automotive finish on the mag-alloy lid has rainbow flecks that lend depth and interest. And unlike other glossy finishes, this one is surprisingly smudge-resistant.

In order to prevent the system from overheating, a cooling system is designed for this IBM super-computer, including the entire rack and processor water cooling system. Why government agencies and large enterprises are very much interested in this? According to CNET reports, IBM plans to launch sometime next year with Power7 processor-based commercial server products.

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