IBM Helps Build Smart Systems for Luggage

Airport Amsterdam Schiphol has created a smart baggage system with the help of IBM’s Rational & Tivoli software along with Power Systems. Smart technology for a smarter planet.

7 thoughts on “IBM Helps Build Smart Systems for Luggage

  1. We know the technology exists. A few Saudis made themselves & an entire Boeing 757, its passengers, crew & all of its on-board luggage, "Molecularly Destructuralize" within the Pentagon

    I believe they "Electromagnetically Teleported" to the virginally infested ivory palaces in the sky & thats why we never saw anything of them ever again.
    I believe that because its not like the plum crazy conspiracy theories

  2. Why doesn't IBM stop fooling around already and simply release the technology that would truly produce the super-solution. The home use machine that can accommodate the traveler & his luggage with "Molecular Destructuralization", followed by "Electromagnetic Teleportation" & finalizing the effective execution of the sequential process at the desired destination with "Molecular Restructuralization"

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