IBM Data Bunker: A 360 Degree Video Experience

The IBM Data Bunker room houses the scoring operations center for the US Open Tennis Tournament. All the real-time and historical tournament data, such as schedules, scores, statistics, historical records, live video, and player interviews are displayed in this room. The real-time data during the tournament is gathered from the chair umpire on all courts, detailed statistics entry, serve measurement data, and historical statistics. All this data feeds the scoreboards and IBM serve speed displays,, TV broadcasters, including commentators and graphics systems and electronic displays on the championship grounds. Learn more at:

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10 thoughts on “IBM Data Bunker: A 360 Degree Video Experience

  1. Really superb ! Amazing how the Big Blue has made such a great analytical tool like Watson Analytics available to us . I am really looking forward to see what the IBMers will impress us with next especially after their partnership with BOX .

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