IBM Cloud Solutions – Bari Fishing Industry

The University of Bari partnered with IBM to implement a cloud computing solution for the local fishing industry. Real-time data and a virtual fish market now allow fishermen to better manage and control inventory, while maximizing work efficiency and cost savings.

9 thoughts on “IBM Cloud Solutions – Bari Fishing Industry

  1. Imagine if Cloud was used in the educational field! Or maybe the government! Then students would all have opportunities to imbibe as much information as possible and the government will spend wisely if the citizens are allowed to view the governmental spending! Superb!!

  2. WOW i came here from ec.europa digital-agenda , and i think you too.
    I'm an italian and this is one of the few times where i can see a great news subtitled in ENG because is in italian =)

  3. IBM e Cloud Computing with Blue Cloud… e dire che le prime macchine virtuali di testing appena arrivate dagli USA al tivoli lab di Roma fui io a installarle e a provarle….

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