IBM Centennial Film: Wild Ducks – Celebrating 100 years of Visionary Clients

Former IBM chairman Thomas Watson, Jr. knew how important it was to work with people who question the way things are and challenge the status quo. In fact, he even had a name for them. “Wild Ducks” is a film about four IBM clients whose questioning minds and unconventional ideas are transforming our world. See and hear their inspirational stories. For more information, please visit (

36 thoughts on “IBM Centennial Film: Wild Ducks – Celebrating 100 years of Visionary Clients

  1. Now THAT is gorgeous film making! Congrats on your decision to use top talent, ie, Davis Guggenheim and David Strathairn. 

  2. Although not the specific intent of this video, but if IBM wants to 'toot it's own horn' for one of it's many impressive success stories, then why not have at least the common decency to acknowledge it? Any negatives that could possibly be inferred have to be from nonsensical jealous individuals, most likely unemployed and almost certainly with an immature, ulterior motive.

  3. Now THIS is documenting the current for future generations. And 100 years from now that generation WILL be impressed with how these initiatives helped shape their future. On to the next 100 years, IBM. Go, go go!

  4. Inspirational, heartwarming & challenging….as you get older, you may want the comforts of life but if it gets too comfortable, then you're not living your true destiny. I, for one, hope I am a 'Wild Duck' :-)

  5. I will show this to my teenager, not because I am an IBMer but because it gives him a glimpse of what a good brain and an unconventional paradigm can achieve. It is invaluable in helping him understand real-world career options beyond the more conventional.

  6. Fantastic video. IBM announced  April 7, 1964 the first mainframe  And after 50 years from  now  "z" Series   is still  here , …. more young then before.  Go, go , go   "Wild Duck", let's go  !!!!

  7. Amazing Video. It gives a sense of, Wild Ducks, being in a Special Home rather being out in the wild as part of unwanted ignored bunch of species !

  8. IBM values I believed and took every customer who came along my 17 years working in this company.
    Today not make part of the official board (unrelated to my will), but I believe it is and will always be a large company of which I was proud to have been part.

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