IBM Centennial Film: They Were There – People who changed the way the world works

What does it mean to be an IBMer? Every employee experiences the company in different ways, but the global impact IBM has made on business and society over the last 100 years gives us all a common framework. “They Were There” is told by first-hand witnesses—current and retired employees and clients—who were there when IBM helped to change the way world works. For more information, please visit (

29 thoughts on “IBM Centennial Film: They Were There – People who changed the way the world works

  1. Couldn't stop laughing, "We sell a service that satisfies".  The very first company that provided punch cards to the concentration camps in auschwitz-birkenau. Why does everyone look so stupid in this video.  Just Pathetic…  Shame, Shame, Shame… I am so proud of massive trans national corporation, IBM.

  2. This really tells me something about the "past"….
                                                                   | |
     that really inspired me to visualize the "FUTURE"..  I would strive hard to become a part of  " IBM "-/ 

  3. For a person that has been around before black and white television, I've been amazed what the human mind is able to do with thoughts and the "what if" and what take place when we watch the ending product. It makes to take the instruction in my life and use the word "think" and put into action.

  4. Inspiring video how IBM has innovated and shaped entire industries from bar codes, airline reservations, space program, Genographic project with National Geographic and much more. Proud to be part of a great company!

  5. Every IBM video is so inspiring! Tomorrow is finally my first day and I'm more excited than a kid about to go to disney for the first time!

  6. Hi guys, What are the 5 innovations included in this video? Please Help me! I'm been struggling for the past hour. I can't load the video ): Please reply asap! Thanks

  7. I think the first video of the IBM Building that has the clock and the word IBM on the front is the former IBM Plant in Kingston NY

  8. I'm so glad to have been part of the IBM evolution, as a mainframe computer operator and systems programmer. No other company 'thinks' the way they do.

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