IBM Atomic Shorts: The scanning tunneling microscope

See the world’s smallest movie at Want to know more about the equipment the scientists use to move atoms? In this Atomic Short, an IBM scientist describes what the scanning tunneling microscope does and how it works. Learn more about atomic memory, data storage and big data at

11 thoughts on “IBM Atomic Shorts: The scanning tunneling microscope

  1. Maille man

    Yeah seriously. I guess not that many people are too interested in how these things can be done, how scientists can move a single atom to make an image. And that's too bad. :/

  2. Magnesium

    There are enough of the right people who care, and that is really what matters. More people will catch on, in due time. 

  3. Robbz Haney

    Agree with the sentiments. Within my little tech world I often meet intelligent people who have an under developed sense of curiosity. The methodologies of a movie made by novel technique seems lost on many.

  4. Triffgits

    It totally blew me away, I have no idea why people wouldn't take extreme interest in the fact that mankind has demonstrated the ability to manipulate individual atoms and observe it happening.

  5. Urist McTubedwarf

    20 years from now that thing would look like a cheap magnifying glass you buy at dollar stores. science is awesome :D


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