IBM Atomic Shorts: Quantum mechanics at the atomic level

See the world’s smallest movie at Want to learn more about the rules that govern atom moving? In this Atomic Short, an IBM scientist talks more about the quantum mechanics that dictate their work in atomic-scale memory. Learn more about atomic memory, data storage and big data at

12 thoughts on “IBM Atomic Shorts: Quantum mechanics at the atomic level

  1. Thank you for those awesome videos! Quantum mechanics are incredible! I can't wait to finally start college in ~4 months time and to actually start learning something I ♥.. ^ this 

  2. You can tell Andreas is an intelligent researcher because he is speaking about quantum mechanics and its importance while driving

  3. If you are going to an American university, you won't learn anything except how to go into enormous debt.

  4. If you go to an American university you CAN learn an enormous amount, if you are motivated to study, learn on your own & explore new ideas. But, yes, unfortunately if you borrow money to do so, you WILL ACCRUE ENORMOUS DEBT.

  5. Luckily I'm going to a Uni in Ireland where third level education is free 🙂 And I also won €2.5k scholarship in a computer software competition for any expenses I'll might have during the 4 years on my course, which I'll rarely use since I also have a part-time job 😉 I know that in the states college is terribly expensive so I'm very lucky to be living and studying in Ireland right now 😉 

  6. I'm going to an Irish University where the entire 4 years of education is free 🙂 There is only a one-time administration fee of 2,500 euro but my family income excluded me from that fee as well. And as I said in my previous comment I have a spare €2.5k which I won in a computer software competition and a part-time job, so financially I'm at a very good position, thus I cannot wait to educate myself professionally 🙂 

  7. Can you create a grid of ETM stylus' to work in tandem to pick up multiple atoms and then chose which ones to place down? Like a bowling pin setter: To speed up the process of manufacture. 

  8. In CERN they crash particles….in IBM they move atoms and molecules….if in the future we could master moving… electrons atoms and "molecules" through maybe "electric induction" and "magnetism"…."replication" of molecules in Nature could be possible and some problems solved……

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