IBM Atomic Shorts: History of the hard drive

See the world’s smallest movie at How has our ability to store data evolved? In this Atomic Short, IBM scientists talk about the first hard drive, and how data storage has changed since the 1950s. Learn more about atomic memory, data storage and big data at

9 thoughts on “IBM Atomic Shorts: History of the hard drive

  1. Excellent series of shorts, but I take issue with idea that IBM invented the hard drive. Very early in the development of Manchester University

  2. …'s first computer (ran 21 June 1948), they added a magnetic drum. It had trivial capacity by today's standards, and used a costly engineered brass cylinder, but it was certainly hard, and definitely a drive!

  3. A very short history, with one picture of an early drive stack and a clip showing magnetic core memory panels, which aren't hard drives. All magnetic core memory made for production use was threaded by hand. By the time a machine was invented to do the job, magnetic core memory was obsolete so machine threaded memory never was commercially produced.

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