IBM: A Culture of Service

IBM has always strived to make the world work better. It does this by constantly introducing ground-breaking technologies, new approaches to business, and systemic thinking–accomplishments made possible by the talent and dedication of its employees. In 2011, the year of IBM’s Centennial, 300,000 IBMers mobilized in 120 countries and participated in 5,000 projects, for a total of 3 million hours of service. This film commemorates the spirit of service that has always been a part of IBM’s culture and always will be. To learn more, visit

8 thoughts on “IBM: A Culture of Service

  1. @CandieMarsh Hi, yes, IBMers in Malaysia participated. Search in Google for "ibm 100 celebration of service". See the map. Also, there is the Young Enterprise Program (YEP). Cheers.

  2. And that's why I love IBM. It is to me, our way out of non necessary hardship. We can do it, the, great dream.

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