How to Replace the Internal Battery over a IBM ThinkPad Laptop

The IBM Thinkpad laptop, like all computers, consists of an inside laptop battery recognized like a CMOS battery. This battery controls the method clock and consists of essential boot details for example boot purchase and person passwords. Like any other battery, the CMOS battery can drain or shed its cost more than time. When that happens, the battery has to get replaced. Replacing the inside battery of an IBM Thinkpad calls for that you disassemble the laptop computer and entry the inside components, observing electric security precautions.

Replacing the CMOS Battery


Shut lower the pc and wait around for it to energy off.


Put in your anti-static wrist strap and unplug the IBM Thinkpad from your energy main. get rid of the energy cord from your AC connector about the laptop. get rid of the principal battery; even when the laptop computer is turned off, the battery holds an electrical cost that might be risky or lethal.


Unscrew the screw from your memory space compartment. based on IBM, the CMOS battery is situated within the memory space compartment.


Gently pry the CMOS inside battery from its real estate and disconnect it from your motherboard, delivering help for the plastic material component with the connectors when you pry. Don’t pull through the cables. established the CMOS battery apart or discard it.


Connect the brand new dv6000 battery and slide it into its housing. assure the cables and wires aren’t stressed.


Replace the memory space compartment include and reconnect the principal battery. Plug the laptop computer in and energy it on.

Dry your arms completely earlier to managing batteries or other electronic digital components; electrical power conducts far more very easily via moist material.

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