How to Replace IBM Thinkpad Cooling Fan

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Is your IBM ThinkPad notebook running too hot? Replace that dusty, failing old heatsink fan unit with new orignail IBM laptop parts!
let your laptop run more faster.The correct replacement part, a few small hand tools and basic maintain skill is all that’s necessary.
you can find original IBM fan in

Part 1

How to Remove laptop Keyboard

1.power off the laptop, remove the laptop battery and remove all  screws on the underside of the laptop identified . Remove These attach to the laptop keyboard.
2.Open  the cover of laptop. Use your finger to begin pressing the keyboard out through the small hole inside the battery compartment. Your finger presses on the underside of the laptop keyboard  button section.
3.Slip a screwdriver underneath the keyboard  button section you pushed out in the previous step. Pulling up and away from the laptop, maintain pulling-pressure in the middle of the laptop keyboard. Locking edge tabs on the keyboard keep it in place. As you continue pulling this laptop keyboard up and away, it releases from the tabs as it flexes. then you can pull outward  helping to free it from these tabs.Popping the keyboard free from all its edges, pull it towards you at an upward angle releasing the rear of the laptop keyboard.

part 2

How to Remove laptop Fan

1. it is a necessary to Remove the volume and power button plastic cover. By pushing each corner slightly towards the space bar, each corner of the cover releases and can be lifted up slightly. Finally, pop the panel’s center free. Lifting from the rear, swing the cover toward the front clearing the buttons and lifting it free.

2.Remove the 6 screws securing the cooling fan. Gently lift the laptop fan on an angle upwards noting how its plug wire is routed to the laptop motherboard. Gently unplug it and remove the fan assembly. You may have to lift the plastic boarder a little to free the fan assembly.

3.install the new or replacement laptop fan in the reverse of the removal process making sure it is seated firmly on the motherboard and its exhaust is flush with the vent panel.

4.Route the fan’s power wire, plugging its connector firmly into the socket. Mount the fan with its screws and replace the switch cover if it was removed earlier.

5.Install laptop keyboard pressing down on the edges making sure to get them under the locking tabs before pressing down firmly on the keyboards center where the trackpoint stick is. This ensures the keyboard’s connector is seated properly. Replace all screws removed, insert battery and connect power supply.

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